Remington Squeeg-E Operator Field Cleaning System


  • Remington Squeeg-Es remove all dislodged barrel debris in just one pass
  • Coated, stainless, lightweight cable with swivel attachments help Remington Squeeg-E conform to barrel’s rifling
  • Field Tools: 2-sided cleaning brush, flat/hook carbon scrapers, brass pin punch and lens pen
  • Remington All In Bore Cleaner offers high-performance on carbon, plastic, lead and copper fouling
  • Compact handgun cleaning rod
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The Remington Squeeg-E Operator Field Cleaning System contains 16 essential cleaning tools and chemicals for ARs, rifles, and handguns. Everything you need for field cleaning with the Remington Squeeg-E system is included to get the job done. The Operator Field Cleaning System was put together with help from former US Navy SEALs, and is constructed from heavy-duty, water-resistant material that is MOLLE mountable with rear-hook-&-loop fastener straps.



  • Remington Squeeg-E in .22/.223./5.56mm, .30/.308/7.62mm, .357/.380/.38/9mm, and .44/.45 calibers
  • Universal bore brush
  • .17mm Bronze gas tube brush
  • 32″ Universal cable
  • 6″ Handgun cleaning rod
  • Cleaning rod T-handle
  • Nylon cleaning brush
  • Hook carbon pick
  • Flat carbon scraper
  • Brass pin punch
  • Scope lens pen
  • 1 oz. Remington Oil
  • .5 oz. Remington All IN