MWG-90 rd Drum 5.56/.223 REM


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MWG 90 Rounder for MINI 14

The MWG 90 Rounder high capacity magazine for the AR-15/M16 provides you with the finest in state-of-the-art high capacity magazine design. The 90 Rounder’s innovative snail-drum design and advanced space-age materials are combined to create a very light, completely reliable, low maintenance, high capacity magazine that will withstand a level of heavy field use that would destroy a metal magazine, while weighing 33% less.



  • 90 rounds
  • 5.56mm NATO or .223 Remington
  • Designed to be close to maintenance free
  • Never disassemble MWG products, and never disassemble the 90 Rounder for the AR-15/M16
  • If repairs are required, return the magazine to MWG Company for repair
  • Any disassembly, alteration, re-adjustment, improper installation, or misuse of any MWG product voids all warranties
  • Always lock the bolt back first and visually ensure the chamber is empty
  • Never attempt to load more than 90 rounds
  • High capacity magazines such as the 90 Rounder for the AR-15/M16 are intended to eliminate re-loading downtime for persons in unavoidable potentially lethal situations, but no product can fully protect the user from injury or death in a firefight